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6. Please rate how informed you consider yourself to be about the services Ambulance Victoria provides to the community?
7. Please rate how informed you consider yourself to be about the role you can play, as a member of the community, to help save lives in an emergency?
8. Please rate your expectations of how Ambulance Victoria should engage with the community regarding the delivery of local emergency health care?
9. Please rate your satisfaction with how Ambulance Victoria currently engages with the community?
10. Given how often you interact with Ambulance Victoria, how confident are you to provide feedback on how Ambulance Victoria delivers its service?
  1. Online forums #
  2. Regional face-to-face forums #
  3. Email surveys #
  4. Direct engagement with me / my community group / my organisation #
  5. Ambulance branch open days #
  6. Public festival or event #
  7. Cultural or religious event #
  1. Emergency health awareness campaign #
  2. First aid training #
  3. First aid demonstration #
  4. Fundraising #
  5. Volunteering opportunities #
  6. Career opportunities #
  7. Emergency management planning #
  8. Providing input into improving service delivery #

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